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February 14th, 2009

Don’t worry about what to wear!

Posted by Hannah Venable in Uncategorized  Tagged Matthew 6:5-7:29

Naturally, I have read these verses many times. In fact, I had to read a whole book about the Sermon on the Mount in seminary. But, somehow, it just dawned on me that these verses about clothing are NOT about trying to decide which shirt color goes with the best skirt color. Jesus is talking to people who are worried about having anything to wear. They are worried if they are going to have enough to eat or enough clothes to cover themselves. All these years I have been applying these verses to mean that God doesn’t want us to worry about what outfit I should wear to work the next day or to the wedding next weekend. And although I am sure that He doesn’t want us to worry about that, I don’t think that is the point! I think Jesus is talking about provision here. God provides for our needs – for our sustenance and for our protection from the cold and outdoors. I realized that there is such a broader scope in these verses. God certainly cares about every little detail of our lives (including what outfit will be best to wear to work the next day or to the wedding next weekend) but He wants us to trust Him with everything including all of our needs even when it seems hopeless. Praise God, our Jehovah Jireh!

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