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December 8th, 2008

Childbearing and Women

Posted by Hannah Venable in Uncategorized  Tagged Judges 13-16; Ruth; 1 Samuel 1-3; Luke 1

As I read many of these stories, I am struck by the importance of childbearing. It seems like one of the primary callings for women is to bear a child. And it seems like it is one of the main ways that God wants to use them. In Judges 13-16, we saw how God gave that specific calling to Samson’s mother. And it appeared that the Angel of the Lord was not very interested in talking to the husband, as he wanted to give the calling specifically to the wife. In the book of Ruth, Ruth is honored for being able to bear a child that will be an ancestor to King David. And then, in 1 Samuel 1-3, we see how Hannah is blessed by bearing a son that will be dedicated to God and lead Israel. But it is not just an “Old Testament thing.” We also see in the life of Mary the honorable calling to be the mother of Christ (Luke 1).

Certainly, we can label this as cultural. God was using them in ways that the culture deemed honorable. But there seems to be something beyond that. The whole theme of the Bible as shown in the proto-evangelium (Gen. 3:15) is that the seed of the woman will crush the head of Satan. In other words, childbearing is what will bring us salvation! Now, we see women in the Bible used in other ways as well: Deborah as a leader, Phoebe as a deaconess, Priscilla as a teacher etc.

But I am just wondering if we too quickly put away childbearing as a way that God wants to use women today. Could it be that childbearing for women is a common way that God uses women across all cultures and times? Part of me doesn’t like that idea because I want my own actions to be what counts not the actions of my child. But I am wondering if that is part of the beauty of this, childbearing is a way for a woman to be honored by her humility and sacrifice.

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